Frozen and Burst Pipe Repair

Leaking Pipe Repair in Richmond, VA

Frozen or Burst Pipe Restoration in the Richmond, VA Area

Frozen pipes in Virginia? It happens. Because of our temperate climate, most home builders don't make insulating pipes a high priority. However, every so often, our temperatures do indeed plummet below freezing, and our pipes aren't ready for it. The pipes may burst, rupture, crack and leak. Rely on JLJ Restoration & Construction, LLC to assist you 24/7 with any issues resulting from a freeze.

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Frozen, Burst and Exploded Pipe Repair in Richmond, VA

Steps to Take Before the Freeze

  • Keep the inside water faucets on a fast drip.
  • Be certain all water spigots outside are covered up and the garden hoses detached and put away.
  • Check other water areas like swimming pools or fountains to ensure the pipes are properly insulated.

After the Freeze

Once the cold spell is over, it's good to make an inspection to be sure everything is okay. If a pipe freezes and breaks, the problem can grow progressively in a short time. If the leaking pipe is inside a wall, you might not know it until a wet stain on your drywall becomes obvious. This damage needs quick remediation by an IICRC-certified restoration company like JLJ Restoration & Construction, LLC. Procrastination is your worst enemy when dealing with leaking pipes and water damage in your home or business. Damage to wood and drywall will only get worse.

Call us today for 24-hour response to any damage you experienced. We are proud to service Richmond, VA, and the surrounding areas.

Procrastination Results in Catastrophe

Adding insult to injury, when moisture gets into your walls or other confined areas, it becomes a breeding ground for micro-organism infestations such as black mold. Your house is sick and in need of a professional cure before it creates a serious health risk.

Whether the damage has created a problem in your home or workplace, call JLJ Restoration & Construction, LLC at (804) 222-0900 . We are available for your call 24/7. Our experts will restore your premises quickly and efficiently to a quality at least equal to what it was before the damage.

What to Do About a Burst or Leaking Pipe

If the freezing cold has led to pipe damage that is releasing water into your residence or business, you need to follow a simple procedure without delay:

Step 1: First, contact your insurance company when discovering water damage, mold damage, or damage from a natural disaster to decide if you're going to submit a claim. Frozen and busted water pipes fall into the last category. The first two – water and mold – are what bring in the real trouble.

Step 2: A quick response from you, the property owner, will help eliminate additional damage, so calling JLJ Restoration & Construction, LLC to mitigate your restoration should be your next move.

Step 3: JLJ professionals will come to your home and evaluate the damage. Should your home need emergency restoration, temporary board up, or just an estimate for the repairs, we can help you through every step.

Step 4: We will be in contact with your insurance adjuster and make sure they receive all the necessary paperwork to complete your claim. Our certified estimators will perform a thorough walk-through with your adjuster, if needed, to make sure everyone agrees with the scope of work needed to return your home to its condition before the damage.

Step 5: Upon the finalization of your restoration and repair needs assessment, we can then begin the process to restore your home.

Step 6: As the property owner, you can make selections regarding the interior elements of your home. You have the capabilities to make cabinet selections, flooring choices, and paint colors should the need arise because of irreparable water damage. We are happy to talk with you about the choices available in your area.

Step 7: Upon the completion of all of the work, our estimators will conduct a final walk-through to make sure everything is back to normal, pre-loss conditions.

Contact JLJ Restoration & Construction, LLC for your winter weather damage needs. We are committed to providing residential and commercial property owners with exceptional service. Planning and executing a solid restoration plan will minimize your losses when winter weather wreaks havoc on your property. Our professionals work closely with engineers, architects, insurance people, and homeowners associations in the process of restoring your damaged home or business.

We have the resources to make emergency repairs and services, turn-key restoration, expert testimony, and analytical estimates. Our state-of-the-art technology will enable us to present your damages and prepare a reconstruction program to expedite needed restoration on your commercial or residential properties. With years of experience and accumulated knowledge, we can offer a level of professionalism many competitors can't duplicate.

Call JLJ Restoration & Construction, LLC. We're a locally-owned and operated business standing by 24/7 to assist our neighbors with any restoration needs.

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