Mold Damage Restoration Services in Charles City County Virginia

Mold Damage Restoration in Charles City County Virginia

Water is the number one factor that contributes to mold growth. Without moisture, mold cannot colonize and spread. It is quite common for property owners to have moisture issues without knowing. It's always good to know what the relative humidity is in your home, especially in the basement. Not knowing if you have a moisture issue can be quite dangerous since mold can grow quickly.

If you notice mold growth on a wall, ceiling or floor, chances are you have a water damage problem in your home that is causing the mold. At JLJ Restoration & Construction, LLC, we will be able to fully assess the situation and identify any hidden leaks or sources of water intrusion. Not only will we be able to remediate the mold, but we will also be able to address the water source of the problem quickly and effectively.

  • IICRC-Certified Technicians

  • Ready to Respond 24-Hours a Day

  • Bill Directly to Your Insurance

  • Full-Service Mold Damage Restoration

For mold damage restoration in Charles City County Virginia, call JLJ Restoration & Construction, LLC at (804) 222-0900 .

mold damage restoration in  Charles City County  Virginia